Nobutaka Kumagai

Koji Shinohara
Vice President;
Chugoku District Chief
Soka Gakkai Chairman,
Hiroshima Soka Gakkai Peace Groop
Vice President;
General Prefecture Chief
of Hiroshima Soka Gakkai
We have opened a home page titled "PEACE WAVE FROM HIROSHIMA".
"An epitaph for praying world peace" that mourns all the hibakushas in the world was completed in the Chugoku Peace Memorial Cemetery Park constructed in Oasa town in Hiroshima prefecture wishing the abolition of nuclear weapons and eternal peace, some forty years after the declaration of prohibiting the use of atomic and hydrogen bombs by Josei Toda, the second president of the Soka Gakkai.
A movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons by the youth of Hiroshima became into the signatures collecting campaign to assist "Abolition 2000" and the movement spread from Hiroshima to all over Japan to gather thirteen millions signatures.
We would like to concentrate our efforts on promoting peace, culture and education based on Buddhism to make twenty-first century "Humanitarian century" by further enlarging the joining hands of peace and friendship. Therefore we will highly appreciate your support and advice.

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