`a Great Step for Peace`
Loopking forward to President Gorbachev's first visit to Hiroshima
Mr. Toranosuke Takeshita
Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture:
@As the governor of an atomic bombed city I am looking forward verry much to his visiting Hiroshima to hear that President Gorbachev expressed his intention to visit Hiroshima during his stay in Japan, when Honorary President Ikeda requested him to visit Japan.
His gnew thinking diplomacyh has been highly appreciated by every country so I hope that he will open the wide road of peace and friendship in the arena of Asia starting here, Hiroshima succeeding his achievements in Europe.

Mr. Takeshi Araki
Mayor of Hiroshima :

@I sincerely wish he will come to Hiroshima. When he comes, we will welcome him from our hearts. I really hope he will understand the reality of being bombed, feel the heart of Hiroshima wishing for the abolition of nuclear weapons as well as world peace, and take an initiative for complete nuclear disarmament.
Mr.Mitsuo Okamoto
President of Japan Peace Society:
@I really appreciate that SGI President Ikeda inspired President Gorbachev's intention to visit Hiroshima Detente is being promoted in Europe Japan is now requested to take the initiative for positively establishing it in Asia instead of just standing by being an observer. I expect that this " dialogues for peace" initiated by Honorary President Ikeda will be a great step for peace and bear much fruit.
Mr. Kenji Yokoro
Vice President
IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War )
Professor, Hiroshima University:

@It is quite significant that President Gorbachev , during the meeting with Honorary President Ikeda, made it clear to visit Japan this spring and expressed his hope to visit Hiroshima. I was impressed by President Gorbachev when I met him for the first time at the reception of an international forum held by the Academy of Science of the Soviet Union in 1987. I expect him to take a further leadership in the abolition of nuclear weapons through this opportunity to visit Hiroshima.
Dr. Naomi Shono
Professor Hiroshima Jogakuin University:
@I expect much from him. By both powers, the United States and the Soviet Union, the prospect for eliminating nuclear weapons is close to being realized. Nevertheless I think it will take much time to abolish them completely. We should, however, implement a process for the extinction of them as early as possible, hopefully by the end of the 20th century. I earnestly hope that he will be stimulated to accelerate the realization of overall abolition of nuclear weapons, by visiting Hiroshima, touring through the Atomic Bomb Museum, and listening to the opinions of the citizens.
(The status of the persons here is as of August 1990.)